Pave me a path!

2020 Mo Ranch field trip

Mo Ranch

During our Mo Ranch field trip, the class had plenty of learning experiences! We had rock climbing, rope swinging, rope chanllenges, gardening class, and so much more! Coming to Mo Ranch gives the students to learn to work together in a much different learning environment. These real life lessons, and challenges help guide the student to different paths in life. Mo Ranch helps us as a class to experience life outdoors and the habitat around you. Life long friends, memories, and experience are all learned here!

2020 Texas Oil Ranch field trip!

Oil Ranch

During our Oil Ranch field trip, the class was able to learn all about farm animals. The class was able to pet the animals, and also play games. What a fun trip this one was!

2020 Jackpot Pizza field trip!

Jackpot Pizza

During our Jackpot Pizza field trip, the class was able to learn all about how a pizza restaurant works from when the order is placed, to prepping the food, cooking the food, and to the customers hands. This was a cool learning experience, the class also made their own pizzas!