Pave me a path!


C.E.P. (Customized Education Plan)

Here at Pathways, we teach with a progressive differentiated education plan for each child. While I.E.P.s are used in school systems to identify a plan for students with special needs, at Pathways, we recognize that all students are unique and have their own special strengths and ways of learning. The C.E.P. at Pathways is a plan put in place to focus on your child's determined needs through modifications and accommodations. This means at Pathways, we meet the needs of all learners from those needing specialized one-on-one instruction, to those who are gifted and talented. We promote a stimulating and positive classroom environment for everyone while following each child's individual plan.

blooms taxonomy simplified as our customized education plan
Hybrid Academic Calendar 2022 - 2023

Pre-k through 6th Grade

Pathways currently offers pre-k through 6th grade. As the school continues to grow and establish a positive presence in the community, we look forward to extending our curriculum to higher grade levels. Mrs. Fisher, the parents, and the child will sit down as a team to develop the C.E.P. for the child. We are excited to pave the path for your child's future!

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