We all learn differently, so let's customize your child's education!

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Pathways is a private nonprofit home school located in Kipling Oaks neighborhood in Pinehurst, TX. We offer a traditional differentiated customized educational plan for your child.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Pathways was featured on the ABC KTRK Channel 13 Eye Witness News, as we opened up for the 2020-2021 school year! Click below to have a look!

Paving pathways for your child's future

With a Customized Educational Plan for each child, Pathways Private School is seeking parents who want to work as a team with your child and your teacher. The Customized Educational Plan creates opportunities for teachers, parents, school administrators, and students to work together to enhance educational results for your child. The involvement and progress of your child are appropriate for educational accommodations for your child to be successful. The educational plan will change over time, depending on your child's needs. Pathways will offer many programs, including S.T.E.M. that involves real-life implementation and critical thinking, that help with the Customized Educational Plan.

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